A person applying adhesive to flooring with text reading "(Un) Common Bonds"A person applying adhesive to flooring with text reading "(Un) Common Bonds"
Formulation Kit

Adhesive and sealant formulation and ingredients

Formulating for the needs of tomorrow with (Un)Common Bonds

Adhesives and sealants are key and core to almost every product we use, every day. Unless something is grown or developed from a single piece of substrate, attachment is necessary when creating most any product. As products in this world become ever more complex, attachment requirements become greater along with a need for higher efficiency. As such, lightweight products with less space available for connection are at the heart of what is driving the adhesives and sealants market growth.


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Stay ahead of the adhesive market demands

Hear offerings on specific end applications and adhesive formulation capabilities from a panel of industry experts.

The adhesives market is vast, covering countless applications, all of which require very specific developmental needs. All of these submarkets are growing at a fantastic pace, creating endless opportunities for manufacturers like you to capitalize.

We have gathered a panel of experts who are informed on market conditions, understand the technical merits/capabilities of the products we’re recommending, and are offering insights into formulation and production of adhesive solutions. Here’s your chance to learn from those on the cutting edge of adhesion development.

(Un)Common Bonds Webinar Series: Adhesive formulations capabilities and offerings on specific end applications

Scott Howard and Warren Ebenezer present antioxidant and phenolic resin chemistry to aid modern development needs.

Paul Lewis explains how to formulate a thermoset and presents opportunities for cooperative developments with the our CASE Lab & Testing facility.

Koustubh Kulkarni and Michaela Hofbauer present solutions for light-weighting and sustainability through their amorphous polyolefins, resins and rosins.

Audrey Liss presents on acrylic polymer emulsions that deliver technical and sustainable benefits for general and specialty waterbased caulks & sealants.

Aaron Brothers and David Truong present on developments in High Flow HSBC Technology for Adhesive Applications.

Rob Olson presents solvent-free solutions for pressure sensitive adhesives.