Dow silicone technology for the textile industry
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    Introducing Dow silicones technology for the textile industry

    Univar Solutions are proud to distribute Xiameter™ and Dowsil™ brands from Dow.  Both brands have senior proven technical silicone-based solutions for the textile processing & manufacturing industries. Our main textile applications are thread lubricants, foam control agents during textile pre-treatment and dyeing process, softeners, and durable water repellent.

    Why choose Dow Silicones

    Why choose silicone fluids as sewing threads?

    Silicones, with their low surface tension and high wetting properties, spread over the surface of the thread, and when formulated with wax, they provide the low COF and temperature stability required for high-speed sewing processes. Xiameter™ PMX-200 silicone fluids are well known proven performance lubricants and Dowsil™ Q2-3195 Thread Lubricant makes the difference in high-speed operations.


    Why choose silicone antifoams for textile processing?

    Silicone antifoams help to prevent foam with the lowest amount of chemicals in pre-treatment and dying processes.  They prevent foam marks & equipment overflows improving quality and productivity. To highlight Xiameter™ AFE-0050, AFE-0700 and AFE-0800.


    Why choose Silicone polymers for fabric finishing and hydrophobic softening?

    Formulations with organo modified silicone polymers make fabrics more durable and comfortable. Key features are strength; abrasion and wrinkle resistance; stretch recovery and shrinkage reduction of fabrics. To highlight senior Xiameter™ OFX-8040 & OFX-8630 together with novel Dowsil™ AP-8041 (low volatile silicone cyclics technology).


    Why choose Silicone emulsions for durable water repellent finishing?

    Dowsil™ IE-8749 emulsion is Perfluorocarbon (PFC) free Durable water repellent material with both excellent water repellence and softness by Silicone technology.

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